Hisani Foundation is established to empower and uplift the lives of children through comprehensive welfare services, ensuring their rights, health, education, and overall development are prioritized.

In a Tanzanian community facing educational, healthcare, and economic challenges, with street-connected children further exacerbating issues, the establishment of Hisani Foundation emerged as a response. Recognizing the profound impact on children’s rights and welfare, passionate individuals formed the foundation to provide comprehensive support. Hisani Foundation adopts a holistic approach, addressing education, healthcare, child protection, street-connected children, alternative care, and economic strengthening. Guided by the motto “For every child, every right,” the foundation aims to empower the community by tackling root causes and fostering sustainable solutions, offering hope and positive change through respecting diversity and joint social action. Overall, Hisani Foundation envisions a compassionate society, ensuring individuals, especially children, access education, health, protection, economic opportunities, and reach their fullest potential.

Why zebras?

We have chosen zebras as our mascot because they are social, protective and gentle creatures by nature. They live together in groups and engage in behaviors such as the “zebra hug” for two reasons, to create 360° vision for protection and for social contact with one another. Hisani Foundation believes in these same values.

Registration Information

Hisani Foundation was registered in Tanzania as non Governmental organization under Non Governmental organization Act of 2002 with registration number 00NGO/R/5174.