Aside from our board of Directors, we have a wonderful team of people behind Hisani Foundation doing the hard work and contributing priceless ideas. We believe that they deserve their own recognition and thanks.

Rob Mayer, Head of Mechanical Engineering (HOME), has an informal education in Mechanics. Previously, he has worked in a garage, fixing vehicles and currently, he works at American Canvas, fabricating custom covers for dump trucks. He is versed in several different types of vehicles and has worked on both gasoline and diesel engines. He also has experience in sewing, roofing, and building houses. Upon hearing about Hisani Foundation, he expressed interest in being part of the team. He says, “Hisani Foundation gave me an opportunity to make a difference in other’s lives. Even if I help one person, that is more than enough.”

Amiri Salimu Mwamba has extensive experience in gardening, farming and driving large and small vehicles. Previously, Amiri worked at the school of St Jude as the grounds-man taking care of the school grounds and plants, and keeping up the farming fields using the school tractor. He also has business experience assisting the school builders as the store keeper. “Hisani Foundation is giving me an opportunity to help my community to have a better life.”